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Namibia and North Korea – Dangerous relations!

Namibia and North Korea are said to have dangerous relations. A report of the UN had pinned Namibia, which denied it. North Korea is based on a network of small businesses, especially in the sale of weapons. Namibia and North Korea – Dangerous relations:

Namibia Finger Pointed in Relationship with North Korea

In 2017, a UN report stated that “Namibia is not in compliance with international sanctions imposed on the Pyongyang regime.” The report stated, among other things, that Namibia would have allowed the construction of a weapons factory and military training center on its territory by North Korean companies. Namibia and North Korea – Dangerous Relations!

But Namibian authorities said Tuesday that the UN report was based on an investigation conducted in 2016. Windhoek lamented that the report did not take into account information provided by the Namibian government in 2017.

Information put these alleged links back on the table in late 2022. So far, no reaction from Namibia. In 2016, the Namibian government confirmed that North Korea had built a weapons and ammunition factory in the country and was in the process of signing more contracts for the construction of defense-related buildings.

North Korea’s ghost looms over Africa

North Korea is being targeted by new international sanctions to force it to give up nuclear weapons. But many observers believe that these sanctions will not significantly weaken the Pyongyang regime, which is stronger than anyone imagined.

The North Korean economy is said to be supported by a well-developed network of small private businesses that contribute 30 to 50 percent of GDP. The sale of military equipment to certain African countries is also an important source of income for Pyongyang, in violation of international rules that have prohibited the conclusion of military or arms contracts with North Korea for more than 15 years.

Trade between the African continent and North Korea would have reached, according to the UN, nearly 200 million euros in 2016. This figure would have doubled after Covid.