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Four African countries account for seventy percent of the world’s chocolate

Four African countries account for seventy percent of the world’s chocolate ! The main component of chocolate is the cocoa bean, which is produced by some African countries. In fact, they represent about two thirds of the world’s supply. The word cocoa, which comes from the Amerindian word “cacahuatl”, is a symbol of wealth and a medium of exchange. About 50% of the world’s cocoa production is produced in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Chocolate market

Global chocolate consumption each year is estimated to be at least 7.2 million tons, and the profits of the major players in the industry are skyrocketing.

Mars Inc. has sales of $17 billion US annually, Hershey’s $3.7 billion and M&M’s over $600 million.

The Oceania/Asia market currently represents 15% of global consumption, but is growing exponentially and is expected to quickly overtake the US market, which represents 20% of global consumption.

Europeans, for whom eating chocolate is an older tradition, buy 50% of the world’s cocoa each year.

African countries, which produce most of the cocoa, represent only 3.28% of the world market. However, four African countries account for seventy percent of the world’s chocolate !

Four African countries account for seventy percent of the world’s chocolate

Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast provides more than 45% of the cocoa beans used to make chocolate in the world.

Côte d’Ivoire alone generated about 2.1 million metric tons of cocoa beans in 2022, according to Statista, and the amount is expected to increase.

Cocoa is a source of income for many Ivorians. In fact, more than 8 million Ivorians depend on cocoa production for their livelihood, according to the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).


Ghana is believed to have produced the most cocoa beans with an estimated 689,000 metric tons of production last year, according to Statista.

Indeed, this is expected to increase further in 2022-2023, to about 750,000 metric tons.


According to Statista, in 2012/2013, Nigeria produced about 238,000 metric tons of cocoa beans, and is expected to produce about 280,000 metric tons in 2022/2023.


In 2012/2013, Cameroon produced about 225,000 tons of cocoa beans, and by 2022/2023, it is estimated to produce 300,000 tons, according to Statista reports.

Toward Europe for manufacturing

This cocoa goes to European countries for chocolate manufacturing.

The top 4 chocolate producing countries are Germany, Belgium, Italy and Poland, reports Investopedia.

The 10 most prosperous countries in Africa

The British think tank Legatum Institute has published its annual report on the world’s most prosperous countries. Based on a battery of indicators, this ranking reviews the prosperity of 167 countries. Only 10 African countries are in the top 100, including two North African countries. Here are the 10 most prosperous countries in Africa: Details.

Legatum Institute has published its annual report on the world’s most prosperous countries. For this 2023 edition, the London-based think tank combed through 167 countries and territories, including 53 African countries, representing 99.4% of the world’s population, to establish its prosperity index The 2023 Lagatum Prosperity Index. According to the report, “the Prosperity Index was developed as a practical tool to help identify specific actions that need to be taken to help strengthen the pathways from poverty to prosperity and to provide a roadmap for nations that are facing increasing economic and political shocks.

This 16th edition of the report is based on 12 pillars of prosperity: “Security and Safety,” “Individual Freedom,” “Governance,” “Social Capital,” “Business Climate,” “Entrepreneurial Conditions,” “Infrastructure and Market Access,” “Quality of the Economy,” “Living Conditions,” “Health,” “Education” and “Natural Environment. Each of these pillars includes indicators and sub-indicators. In total, 300 elements are analyzed, providing an exhaustive picture of the prosperity of each of the 167 countries and territories studied.

According to this ranking, and not surprisingly, it is the Nordic countries that occupy the top positions worldwide. Denmark is ranked first, ahead of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

Here are the 10 most prosperous countries in Africa

Very logically, African countries are not well represented. The continent even continues to fall back in terms of prosperity. Indeed, the top-ranked African country in the Lagatum Prosperity Index 2023, Mauritius, is ranked 47th in the world. Mauritius owes its ranking to its performance on the indicators of Governance (36th in the world), Social Capital (37th), Business Climate (41st), Health and Safety (42nd), and Individual Freedom (52nd). However, this island country scores relatively low on the criteria of Economic Quality (72nd in the world), Health (81st) and especially Natural Environment (122nd).

CountryRank AfricaRank World
South Africa375
Cape Verde480
Sao Tome & Principe687

South Africa, which ranks 75th in the world and 3rd in Africa, performs well on the indicators of Individual Freedom (38th in the world), Social Capital (40th), Business Climate (48th) and Governance (49th). However, the rainbow country is weighed down by its poor performance in the criteria of Living Conditions (102nd in the world), Education (102nd), Health (129th), Safety and Security (136th) and Natural Environment (140th).

Morocco, the highest-ranked country in the Maghreb, achieved its best performance in the areas of Business Climate (55th in the world), Infrastructure and Market Access (57th), and Safety and Security (62nd). However, individual freedom (114th in the world), education (122nd), the natural environment (132nd), and social capital have weighed down its ranking.