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How much do influencers earn in Africa?

How much do influencers earn in Africa? In this article, we will explain the concept, the contents exploited and we will estimate the income of the influencers in Africa.

How much do influencers earn in Africa?

What is the salary of influencers? Influencer has now become a real profession that brings in a lot of money! The professionalization of content creators is now at the center of the social network economy. Zoom on the astronomical salaries of these professionals.

The business of influence is becoming more and more profitable. An advertising campaign led by an influencer can have a considerable impact on customers’ consumption. Influencers are now considered as a full-fledged means of communication that easily reaches thousands of people, or even millions of subscribers, thus potential consumers. Their salaries can therefore reach astronomical amounts!

Influencers business

African stars are increasingly flocking to social networks, especially Instagram, and have many followers who follow them in their lives. Among African influencers, Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah is the highest paid, with $180,000 per ad. The Pharaoh is ahead of singer Davido Adeleke, who earns $91,100.

Instagram influencers with less than 10,000 followers can earn an average of $88 per post. Those with less than 100,000 followers average $200 per post, but these figures often vary from account to account. Many celebrities and athletes in Africa are brand advocates and generate additional revenue through social media advertising and sponsored content.

What is an influencer?

Networks are now omnipresent and have created new consumer actors. The term influencer was born with the advent of these tools and designates in marketing “digital opinion leaders who, through their posts and recommendations on social networks, significantly influence the buying behavior of their followers.”

Influencer has become a real profession in its own right. Brands set up affiliation programs with influencers in order to promote their products through promo codes or affiliation links.

There are three types of influencers:


The most famous or celebrities with a very large community and allowing brands to increase their visibility.


They have a committed community that is close to their interests.


They have a smaller community. These influencers are known mainly for their authenticity and their proximity to their followers. They don’t hesitate to make meetings and meetups to strengthen these links.

Influencers’ salaries: how are they paid?

How much do influencers earn in Africa? What is the salary of TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or Instagram influencers made of? Their remuneration can take several forms. The most classic formula is the one called sponsored publication. It is often found on Instagram and TikTok. It is simply stories in which influencers, in exchange for a salary, will promote a product or a site.

This practice was recently denounced by the rapper Booba and other public figures. Complément d’Enquête made an investigation on this subject. The reason? Most of the time, influencers put forward a product from dropshipping that is easy to find at 50% or even 90% off on the Internet. Sometimes, these items can even be dangerous or are not up to European standards.

The second way for an influencer to get paid is product placement. This is slightly similar to sponsored publishing, but it takes various forms. It can take the form of an advertisement or a small promo moment in the heart of a video, as Squeezie does regularly with the #Ad. It can also be a product slipped into the foreground of a video, without necessarily mentioning it.

Finally, there are other ways for influencers to earn a salary: paid partnership, a brand can sponsor one or a series of videos without necessarily being highlighted, sponsors, then, with time, other projects can emerge such as the launch of its own brand, photo shoots or even appearances in movies or series.

Africa: The highest paid influencers on Instagram (Examples)

1- Mohamed Salah $180,000 per ad – Sports

2- Davido $91,100 per ad – Music

3- Tiwa Sa-vage $61,400 per ad – Music

4- Yemi Alade $60,200 per ad – Music

5- Funke Akindele 59 500 dollars per ad – Movies

6- Wizkid $57,300 per ad – Music

Understanding influencer marketing, the source of influencer pay

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that involves using influencers to promote a product or brand. Influencers are usually popular personalities on social networks (like TikTok or Instagram), such as celebrities, bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, etc. They have a large audience and a strong influence on their fans and followers, which makes them particularly effective in promoting a product or brand.

Influencer marketing can be very effective because influencers are perceived as experts in their field and their recommendations are often considered authentic and reliable. It is this authenticity that attracts followers and makes the marketing campaign more impactful. In addition, influencers tend to have a trusting relationship with their audience, which can help increase the credibility and awareness of the brand they promote.

To run an effective influencer marketing campaign, it is important to choose the right influencers. It is advisable to target those who have a relevant audience for the brand and who are authentic and credible. In addition, it is important to involve them in the campaign in a natural way, asking them to share their personal experience with the product rather than asking them to advertise for the brand.

Influencer marketing can be used in different ways. For example, influencers can share photos or videos on social networks, where they use or talk about the product. They can also organize events or contests to promote the brand, or offer discount codes to their audience.

Influencer marketing can be very profitable for brands, but it is important to manage it properly. It is advisable to work with influencers who have a large audience and strong influence, but also to establish clear rules and ensure that the campaign complies with advertising and ethical rules.

Influencer salaries: The calculation methodology used by Intellifluence

How much do influencers earn in Africa?

Marketing platform Intellifluence conducted a survey of 1,249 influencers to define their compensation. The questionnaire was sent in May 2021 in three countries: the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. In this case, it was interested in content creators and more specifically in the amount of money they charged brands for creating sponsored content on social networks (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube).

How much do influencers earn in Africa? Intellifluence divided this data to create groups of influencers by number of followers, ranging from less than 10,000 to more than 5 million. The bottom line? Creators can be paid between $56 (47 euros) per post on Twitter and more than $4,300 (3,630 euros) per post on TikTok.

The influencers who participated in this survey do not have the same level of experience. Indeed, 64% had just started their career and had barely three years of experience. The method of payment can also vary from one person to another: about 70% of the influencers confided in receiving both products and money and only 6% were paid exclusively in free products.

Looking at this study will allow many influencers to know exactly what price to offer to brands. Indeed, 41% of them told Intellifluence that they didn’t feel that brands offered “adequate compensation” for sponsored posts.

Where does the money given to influencers by platforms come from?

In general, platforms earn money via subscriptions, this is notably the case for YouTube and soon for Facebook and Instagram. They can also generate significant amounts of money via ads shown before videos or between two publications. Most of the time, platforms pay influencers via ad revenue sharing.

In general, on most platforms, influencers are paid $1 per 1,000 views. This is notably the case on TikTok, on YouTube or on Instagram. Nevertheless, pay policies evolve according to the periods, the quality of an influencer’s audience, the number of views, etc.

Influencers of course earn money through their partnerships with brands, whether to promote a product, a service, an event, etc. Some even have annual partners, like MATH and NordVPN. This company also regularly comes back to YouTube and supports hundreds of YouTubers of all types, such as Squeezie.

Study: How much do Instagram influencers earn in 2023?

How much do influencers earn in Africa?

HypeAuditor surveyed more than 1,865 Instagram influencers who have more than 1,000 followers to conduct its study.

The main key numbers from this study on Instagrammer salaries:

48.49% of the 1865 influencers surveyed reported earning money on their accounts.

On average, influencers earn $2,970 per month from their Instagram accounts (micro influencers 1K-10K earn $1,420 per month, mega influencers over 1 million earn $15,356 per month).

On average, influencers spend 24 hours a week maintaining an account. Most of their time is spent on posts, stories, communicating with followers, team management, marketing strategy, and partner communication.

Instagram influencers who earn money on their account, worked on their account an average of 28.7 hours per week, while those who do not earn money spent an average of 20.9 hours per week.

The average Instagram influencer makes $31 per hour. Beauty influencers earn the most with an average income of $60 per hour. Mega influencers earn from $187 per hour (relative to the time spent maintaining the account).

Among the most popular ways for influencers to earn money beyond promoting a brand (40.15%), creating a personal brand with redirecting traffic and customers to one’s own business is the second most popular source of revenue for influencers (21.71% say they use this monetization method).

Affiliate programs

Participating in affiliate programs comes next (14.92%). Selling online courses also ranks high with 3.86%. Subscription services (Onlyfans, Discord and others) were noted as an additional source of revenue by 7.68% of influencers.

47% of influencers said that after starting Covid, they started making more money than before.

25.78% said that in the future, they will be able to live off of income from an Instagram account, and 4.27% of respondents are already living off of income from an account (on average, these influencers receive $5912 from their account per month).

21% of influencers work with brands through unpaid partnerships via barter (product donations for exposure), 23% for cash and 56% on a hybrid model with donations and cash.

61% disclose to their community the fact that it is a sponsored partnership, when it is a paid post with brand mention, 12% do not.

47% of influencers say they are impacted by fraudulent activity (bots, automated likes, bot comments, …).

49.68% are seeing more and more fraudulent activity and unnatural engagements now.