1. […] This transition period has been characterized by a gradual restriction of political freedoms using the now tried and tested tactic of the salami – slice by slice: mounting political-financial scandals; limiting freedom of expression online (through Decree 54 officially on “cybercrime”); taking control of the independent election organization body; banning demonstrations; summoning journalists and finally political arrests of left-wing leaders, former government members as well as Nourredine Bhiri, presi…. […]

  2. […] Beyond the worrying popularity of xenophobic and racist rhetoric within Tunisian public opinion, it is above all this dimension of cathartic violence that should attract the attention of the informed observer. In particular, the conspiracy, anti-immigration and pan-Islamic indictment is completely unfounded, even though the sub-Saharan immigrant population is quantitatively small, mainly students and predominantly Muslim. […]

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