Clear trends in the results of Senegal's communal elections

Clear trends in the results of Senegal’s communal elections

Since yesterday, provisional results have been coming in all over Africa. While the figures are tight in some localities, there are several where clear trends are emerging in the results of Senegal’s communal elections.

Clear trends in communal election results in Senegal.

In Niaguis, Victorine Ndeye is well ahead.

Grand Yoff won’t have a new mayor. Madiop Diop is set to run again.

As announced, Serigne Mboup is well placed to be the next mayor of Kaolack.

Mbour, on the other hand, is on course to have a new mayor, whose name is likely to be Cheikh Issa Sall.

In Dakar, it’s a known fact: Barthélémy Dias is in the lead for the commune and the city.

In the commune of Yoff, Diouf Sarr was beaten by Seydina Issa Laye.

But, in Fouta, Matam mayor Mamadou Mory Diaw retained his seat.

In Ourossogui, Moussa Bocar Thiam, the state’s judicial agent, also retained his post.

In Agnams, Farba Ngom is in the lead, as is Abdoulaye Sali Sall, who should be re-elected in Nabadji Civol.

Clear trends in the results of Senegal’s communal elections

The mayor of Kanel, Haymouth Daf, was defeated by Mamadou Sadio Diallo.

Thilogne is set for a new mayor. The likely new mayor is Mamadou Eline Kane.

In the commune of Cambérène, Benno Bok Yakaar’s Doune Pathé Mbengue came out on top.

Again, in Mbacké, Sogip CEO Gallo Bâ won ahead of Abdou Mbacké Ndao, the commune’s outgoing mayor.

In Podor, Racine Sy is ahead. In Ndioum, Cheikh Oumar Hann is expected to repeat as mayor.

Also, in the Commune des Parcelles assainies, Yéwi Askan Wi is in the lead according to trends.

In Yeumbeul Sud, outgoing mayor Bara Gueye is well placed ahead of the defeated Amadou Hot.

In Les Hlm, Yéwi Askan Wi is leading the trends, while in the commune of Biscuterie, outgoing mayor Djibril Wade is in the lead.

Abdoulaye Timbo leads in Dalifort-foirail, the outgoing mayor according to Le Soleil. In Mbao, Abdou Karim Sall is expected to be installed as the new mayor.

In Kaffrine, Minister Abdoulaye Sow is ahead in the trends for the commune.

Not far, in Kédougou, the outgoing mayor is likely to be replaced by Ousmane Sylla, who leads the trends according to Le Soleil.

In Saint Louis, Mansour Faye, the outgoing mayor, is likely to remain in office in view of the trends.

Clear trends in the results of Senegal’s communal elections

In Bignona, Yéwi Askan Wi is the front-runner for the time being.

More, in Linguère, too, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye is set to retain his seat as mayor.

In Sokone, Abdou Latif Coulibaly is set to replace the outgoing mayor.

Minister Moustapha Diop, outgoing mayor of the commune of Louga, leads the poll.

In Thiès, Talla Sylla congratulated Babacar Diop on his Tweeter page.

In the commune of Kolda, Mame Boye Diao leads the trends.

Mainly, in the commune of Gandon, young Alpha Mamadou Diop, candidate for the Convergence Patriote pour la Justice de l’Équité Naay Leer, defeated Benno Bokk Yakaar candidate Khoudia Mbaye by a margin of 20.68%.

In the commune of Mpal, Benno’s Mor Guèye Gaye, with a percentage of 49.76%, beat outgoing mayor Dr Moussa Diaw.

The commune of Fass Ngom also fell to Benno Bokk Yakaar with the victory of Ibrahima Diaw. The ex-DG of Crous won his commune with a percentage of 64.59%.

In Ndiebene Gandiol, outgoing mayor Arouna Sow was unseated by businessman and candidate Pape Ndiaga Fall. Fall won with a percentage of 25.68%.

Trends and fever on the eve of the presidential race

Reported missing by his party, opponent Ousmane Sonko “brought back” to Dakar by the authorities

Senegalese police abruptly ended opposition leader Ousmane Sonko’s march across the country on Sunday, arresting him in the south and forcibly returning him to Dakar, authorities said.

Interior Minister Antoine Diome cited the clashes between Sonko supporters and police that have accompanied the opponent’s return to Dakar in convoy by road since Friday, and in which one man was killed.

“A man was killed in Kolda, so is the State going to stand idly by (…) the answer can only be in the negative,” said the minister on public television.

He argued that Ousmane Sonko should have requested prior authorization before organizing what he called a “freedom caravan”.

“As a result, we were able to escort the leader of the Pastef (party) (Ousmane Sonko) to his home (in Dakar), where he was deposited,” he said.

The Interior Minister reported that weapons had been found in the vehicle carrying Ousmane Sonko.

Political tension grows in the streets and in the digital space

The official website of the Senegalese presidency was temporarily blocked on Sunday, May 28, following the launch of a cyberattack claimed by a group claiming solidarity with the anti-government protest. Inaccessible at the start of the day, the site was back online by late morning.

Two days earlier, the presidency had already been targeted by an attack affecting dozens of official sites. The @MysteriousTeamO account, which claims to belong to the hacker group Anonymous, announced a second wave on social networks. This is one of the very first attacks of its kind in Senegal.

The 2024 presidential election comes against a backdrop of great tension nine months ahead of the next presidential election. On the one hand, President Macky Sall remains uncertain as to whether or not he will run for a third term. On the other, opposition politician Ousmane Sonko is raising tensions as he risks losing his eligibility. This June 1, a criminal chamber is due to deliver a long-awaited verdict in a trial against him for rape. He has refused to appear in court, claiming that the authorities are plotting to keep him out of the presidential election.

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