Rwandan land given to DRC according to Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame ended his visit to Benin last Sunday. Invited by Patrice Talon, he spoke at a press conference held on Saturday at the Presidential Palace of the Marina. He expanded on the issue of the M23. Rwandan land would have been given to the DRC according to Paul Kagame.

Rwandan land would have been given to the DRC according to Paul Kagame

Rwandan land given to DRC according to Paul Kagame

“The problem of Congo, the problem of the region or the problem of Rwanda is not the M23. The M23 is the result of several other problems that have not been resolved for decades. The M23 problem existed even before Tshisekedi became president. It goes back even to 2012,” he said.

He refused to limit the examination of the situation to the current problem.

“As far as the M23 and all the people linked to the M23, the Congolese who benefited from the Rwandan heritage, the borders that were built during the colonial period affected and divided our people. Part of Rwanda was given to Congo, the south to Uganda, etc. We have a cooperation that already exists in these areas. There are already links between the peoples. It is obvious. You can go back in history.

According to Kagame, previous approaches have not been effective

“This problem goes beyond my person, beyond the person of President Tshisekedi. All those people who were present at that time are no longer there. In 2012, we did not manage the issue well and today, 11 years later, the problem still exists. All African countries have been involved in resolving this issue but no one has been able to achieve anything.

Paul Kagame blames the Congolese authorities for the blockage

“We must find a solution to this crisis. Today, we have the Nairobi and Luanda processes that have done everything possible to resolve this issue, but I think they are looking for a solution. They have tried, but apparently the DRC does not want the issue to be resolved. It’s ironic.

Current processes are stalled

Without necessarily advancing on concrete proposals, he notes that the current processes are stalled.

“Today, we cannot continue to complain about the problem forever when we know where the knot is. It is as if we ourselves do not want to find the solution. We are beating around the bush, unfortunately.

Jean Damascène Bizimana, Rwandan Minister of National Unity and Civic Engagement, returned to this issue in Senegal during the conference organized on the occasion of the national day of the heroes of Rwanda. “Rwanda has been diminished. The problem we are currently experiencing with unfounded accusations against Rwanda have their sources in the slippage of the Berlin conference,” he explained. The issue was also discussed in the Rwandan Senate.

Christian Mwando calls on Congolese to fiercely resist the “expansionist dream” of Paul Kagame

In the same vein as other officials of the country, the national deputy Christian Mwando condemned the words of the Rwandan president Paul Kagame which unveil to the world his “expansionist dreams”.

“No worthy Son of the Congo (DRC) can tolerate the remarks made by Paul Kagame in Benin to justify the aggression of our country by Rwanda by falsifying history,” wrote the honorary Minister of State in charge of Planning, Christian Mwando.

He calls for a fierce resistance of all Congolese against the expansionist dream of Paul Kagame.

“It is as much to say that the fatal and chimerical dream nourished by the regime of Kigali, that to trace again the delimitations inherited from the colonization, will meet unconditionally the fierce resistance of all the worthy sons of Congo. And in such a terrain, there is neither majority nor opposition. There is only the Congo that counts, believes the elected representative of Moba. The Congo remains and will remain One and indivisible”, he adds.

Moreover, by his message condemning the remarks of Paul Kagame, the elected representative of Moba in Tanganyika preaches unity to bring the Congolese to defend the integrity of the national territory.

Let’s recall that invited by Patrice Talon, the Rwandan president Kagame expressed himself during the press conference organized last Saturday at the Presidential Palace of the Marina. He expanded on the issue of the M23. According to him, the land belonging to Rwanda would have been given to the DRC, hence the current crisis. A position that the DRC does not share.

Rwandan land given to DRC, said Paul Kagame

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  1. The Kongo Kingdom, the ancestor of the current DRC, existed before Rwanda was created from scratch by Germany. Paul Kagame is losing his mind. Why did he not make this type of statement during the 3-year regime of L.D. Kabila or during that of J. Kabila? even if the political class is weak and corrupt and the army is disorganized, the Congolese will not allow the defeated countries that manipulate Rwanda to destroy their country. The Congo is undivided

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