One billion dollars to improve women’s economic empowerment in Africa (Harris)

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris announced in Ghana an one billion dollars to improve women’s economic empowerment in Africa.

One billion dollars to improve women's economic empowerment in Africa (Harris)

One billion dollars to improve women’s economic empowerment in Africa (Harris)

At the end of the first leg of her tour of the continent, in the capital Accra, Harris’ office unveiled the program, which is largely funded by the private sector: One billion dollars to improve women’s economic empowerment in Africa!

The African Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative includes nearly $400 million from the private sector “to help bridge the gender digital divide.”

“Improving the economic status of women and girls is not only a matter of human rights, justice and equity, it is also a strategic imperative that reduces poverty and promotes sustainable economic growth,” the U.S. Vice President’s office said.

Several aid packages announced

The U.S. vice president has already announced several aid packages, including $139 million for economic and cultural development in Ghana and the investment of $100 million in coastal West African countries facing the risk of spillover jihadist violence from the Sahel.

More than $500 million, again from the private sector, will also be used to support women’s economic empowerment in Africa, according to the release.

We are “all in” on Africa,” added Kamala Harris, repeating the words of Joe Biden during the U.S.-Africa summit last year.

Africa has become a geopolitical issue

The stakes are high to catch up with Washington, accentuated by the Trump years. From now on, the Biden administration must accelerate its efforts, because the battle is being played out on the diplomatic field. And to meet these challenges, Kamara Harris must provide evidence of U.S. sincerity, including through the fulfillment of the many unfulfilled promises so far, and clearly avoid several pitfalls, including that of presenting African states as pawns in the U.S. geopolitical strategy.

“What an honor to be here in Ghana, and on the African continent. I am very excited about the future of Africa. I’m very excited about the impact of Africa’s future on the rest of the world. When I look at what’s happening on this continent and the fact that the average age is 19, what that tells us about the growth of innovation and opportunity. I see this as a great opportunity, not just for Africans, but for the rest of the world,” the U.S. vice president said as she got off the plane.

Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine has undoubtedly given the U.S. an added sense of urgency to convince more African countries. UN votes to condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine have divided African countries.

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