Police had “disproportionate use” of force against peaceful protesters in Angola

Police had “disproportionate use” of force against peaceful protesters in Angola: The Angolan Human Rights Monitoring Working Group (GTMDH) condemned the “disproportionate use” of force by the national police to “disperse and violate” demonstrators, who intended to “march peacefully” last Saturday in Luanda.

Police had "disproportionate use" of force against peaceful protesters in Angola

Police had “disproportionate use” of force against peaceful protesters in Angola

The GTMDH recalls that the young activists called for a “peaceful demonstration” for the release of political prisoners, but, “unfortunately, they were surprised by a strong police device that intimidated, dispersed and violated the demonstrators”.

“It is a recurrent attitude on the part of the forces of order and security, with emphasis on the national police, so the GTMDH vehemently condemns this tragic act perpetrated once again by the national police, at a time when the President of the Republic had recently stated, the need to dialogue more and better”, reads the note.

The non-governmental organizations that work in the promotion and protection of human rights regret that there is a tendency to legitimize persecution, beatings and arbitrary arrests, in less than five months of President João Lourenço’s second term.

Activists who intended to march on Saturday, in Luanda, for the end of the persecution of zungueiras (street vendors) and freedom for “political prisoners” saw their march repressed by police agents and report scenes of violence, attacks and arrests.

Activist Geraldo Dala, one of the organizers of the march detained at the meeting place, regretted, on Monday, in statements to Lusa, the attitude of the police agents, considering that Angola “is not yet a democratic State“. The GTMDH, in this note released this Tuesday, also condemns the “threats to journalists” and the “politicization” of justice administration bodies, “which translates into abuse of authority and political intolerance”.

Freedom of peaceful demonstration is a constitutional right that only requires prior communication to the competent authorities and not authorization under article 47 of the Constitution, says the GTMDH.

“It turns out that despite the fact that peaceful demonstration is a constitutional right, administrative authorities and security forces have prevented it, using force disproportionately to repress and restrict the enjoyment of this right, resulting in serious injuries and deaths of citizens,” he said. if in the document.

This group recommends that the President “put an end” to all acts that jeopardize the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. Administrative and police authorities in Luanda have not yet commented on the violence during the march or responded to Lusa’s attempts to contact them.


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