Free Course – Introduction to Data Science

Free course – Introduction to Data Science: Future Leaders Academy of Africa offers you, after AI Ethics, this free course : Introduction to Data Science. (More free course:

Free course : Introduction to Data Science:

Free course – Introduction to Data Science:

Data science is a term that began to spread in the late 1990s. It is a field that brings together a set of disciplines related to the collection, management and analysis of data.

One could speak of a new paradigm for thinking about the world of information from a technical point of view, following the improvement of technologies and the proliferation of available data.

Contrary to what one might think, the methods applied in data science are not all new and innovative: some were created well before the 2000s; however, the technical lock-in was too important at the time for these methods to reveal their full potential.

Data science therefore lies at the intersection of different fields, including mathematics, computer science and business expertise. In the field, this takes several forms, which we will briefly detail here.

AI (or artificial intelligence) is surely one of the most talked about aspects of data science, the one that makes headlines. Algorithms are becoming more and more powerful and sometimes surpass human beings. The ChatGPT example is haunting people’s minds.

To date, however, talking about intelligence in the human sense of the term is probably an exaggeration, since we are still far from obtaining a machine capable of imitating a human mind. On the other hand, on specialized tasks, progress has been spectacular over the last 15 years.

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