Learning Guitar for Beginners


Learn playing guitar from the beginning.

Welcome to the Guitar for Beginners Course! – the BEST one ever made 🙂 Are you ready for some fun? 🎸

Chords are a group of notes strummed together to produce a harmonious sound. Chord charts are one way for new guitarists to learn chords. These charts are a visual way to learn which strings and frets are used to form the notes to play a specific chord. They also show you where to place your fingers on the fretboard to strum a particular chord.

While there are dozens of chords, some of the most memorable songs have been written using only a handful of easy-to-play open chords.

Listen to Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl.” ”Smokey Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears.” “Clay” by Grace VanderWaal. They all contain some combination of the following chords:

C Major
D Major
G Major
E Minor
Not only are these chords easy to play, they play a major (pun unintended) role in building so many memorable songs.

So Enroll to learn playing guitar and enjoy and discover the plaisir to produce music for yourself, for your friend and family!



Module 1



Duration of the course:

The duration depends on the time that the student can allocate. On the basis of 4 hours of work per week, the course can be completed, including the report, in 1 to 2 months.

Course fees:

There are no application fees.
The course fee is only 19.99 Euros!

What are the dates for the next session?

Our campus is accessible throughout the year. You can start on any date that suits you.
You will have an entire calendar year (12 months) to complete the course.

Hi, I’m Kelly C. from China

It’s really amazing! This course helped me to play my firts notes on guitar. I can now play some music to my college’ friends!


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