Mastering Excel: Essential tools for executives

Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft that features calculation capabilities, graph visualization tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Learning Excel becomes a cake walk when you do it the right way. First you need to get all the basics in place, and then you can learn to do advanced stuff in Excel.
In this Excel course, I’ve focussed on giving you a structured and comprehensive learning experience. It makes sure you have a rock-solid foundation and then covers advanced Excel concepts that will make you an Excel Wizard.
When you’re done with the course, I guarantee you’ll be able to do a lot more in Excel in a fraction of the time.

So, what can you do with this Professional Certificate? Not only does mastering Excel make day-to-day work easier, but it’s essential for all types of jobs. Having a mastery of basic Excel, with a professional certificate from a recognized institution can be your sesame.



1- Getting Started with Excel
2 – Data Entry, Editing, and Number Formatting
3 – Data Formatting in Excel
4 – Working with Cells and Ranges
5 – Managing Worksheets in Excel
6 – Excel Tables Overview
7 – Auto-fill, Custom Lists, and Flash Fill
8 – Number Formatting in Excel
9 – Excel Formula Basics
10 – Logical Formulas in Excel
11 – Math Formulas in Excel
12 – Lookup and Reference Formulas in Excel
13 – Stats Formulas in Excel
14 – Text Formulas in Excel
15 – Date & Time Formulas in Excel
16 – 10 Advanced Excel Formula Examples
17 – Creating Named Ranges in Excel Dynamic Named Range in Excel
18 – Data Validation in Excel Drop-down lists
19 – Data Sorting & Filtering in Excel (Basic + Advanced)
20 – Excel Conditional Formatting (Overview + Advanced Examples)
21 – Introduction to Excel Charting Excel Charts for Beginners
22 – 10 Advanced Excel Charts and Graphs (Creating from Scratch)
23 – Creating Dynamic Charts in Excel (Using Drop-down List and Scroll Bar)
24 – Excel Pivot Table (Intro, Formatting, Grouping, Slicers, Calculated Fields)
25 – Protecting Worksheets Workbooks in Excel – Lock Worksheets in Excel
26 – Introduction to Excel Macros (For Excel VBA Beginners)



Duration of the course:

The duration depends on the time that the student can allocate. On the basis of 3 hours of work per week, the course can be completed, including the report, in 4 to 6 weeks.

Course fees:

There are no application fees.
The course fee is only 19.99 Euros!

What are the dates for the next session?

Our campus is accessible throughout the year. You can start on any date that suits you.
You will have an entire calendar year (12 months) to complete the course.

Hi, I’m Dina N., from Egypt

A highlight of my career was when I became an executive. This had to be accompanied by a perfect mastery of Excel. I took this course which helped me a lot in my new job.


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